Thank you to all our friends for your support!

To achieve our key outcome of changing lives through the gift of shoes we work closely with a large number of individuals, groups and organisations throughout the year. Partnerships enable us to reach and engage with more members of the community – raising shoes, awareness and funding – to help change more lives with the gift of shoes.

Each year our sponsors are included in our annual reports, see annual reports for the full listings.

To join Soles4Souls Australia (The Butterfly Movement Ltd.) as a Corporate partner please contact our Chair and Founder, Dalice Kennedy, at info@soles4souls.com.au or phone 0451 596 386.

Three of our key partnerships include:


Soles4Souls Australia (The Butterfly Movement Ltd.) is an independent Australian charity that works in partnership with Soles4Souls, a global non-profit established following the 2002 Tsunami. Check out Soles4Souls at http://www.soles4souls.org/


Central Logistics

Central Logistics plays a key role in our mission to help bridge the shoe gap.

Storing thousands of pairs of shoes at a time takes up a lot of room and a lot of logistics are involved. Central Logistics, made up of Central Warehousing & Distribution Pty Ltd and Central Freight Management Services Pty Ltd, has kindly donated the space we need to store large donations of shoes until they can be sorted and packed by the team at Wesley Social Enterprises. Learn more about Central Logistics here: www.centrallogistics.com.au

Wesley Social Enterpriseslogo

Soles4Souls Australia engages Wesley Social Enterprises in the sorting and packing of shoes. WSE employs people in South Australia living with a disability through a number of initiatives, see their website: www.wse.org.au

We are proud to support their work and provide meaningful employment opportunities.